Pumpkin Rolls

It was the first time I made these rolls – spring, summer, fall, winter, whatever – and I´m sure to try out different kinds in the future, because they are so easy to make and you can fill them with anything you like (and they look super pretty 😅) I first saw them as spring … More Pumpkin Rolls

Pumpkin Soup

Autumn is the time of the pumpkin. Pumpkins for soups, pumpkins for smoothies, pumpkins for cakes, roasted pumpkins and even pumpkins for decoration. They are everywhere, they taste great and they look so pretty! I tried a couple of soup recipes recently and thought, this one is good one to share 🙂 It´s my very … More Pumpkin Soup

Almond Mugcake

A Mugcake is just so easy, so quickly prepared and just the best little treat if you want to eat cake but don´t really want to go to the bakery shop or bake a whole cake. It´s perfect for one or you just prepare a bunch of mug cakes if you want them for your … More Almond Mugcake