Detox Diary


Hey lovelies!

I decided to clean my body (again) and start detoxing again. I have done this twice before and it really helped me to feel better, to improve my food habits and to start over.
I consider myself a healthy person, I pay attention to the food I eat, to the beverages I drink and I try to work out 3 times a week. BUT: there are these days when I eat too much junk, when I can´t push myself to go for a run or do a workout and when I just don´t look after myself very much. And if this happens once in a while, that wouldn´t be a big problem, because you can´t be happy all day, every day, you can´t eat all the healthy stuff all the time, because sometimes you´re craving for something which you know is a little unhealthy. And sometimes you drink alcohol and don´t to do sports – totally works for me. For me it´s very important to balance this, because I know myself too well to cut off all the junk food, alcohol and lazy days. And here comes another BUT: these habits continues too much since … eehhmm … christmas I guess :O
I´d like to change this with my detox now, because I know it will make me feel better. I will be totally cleaned, I will be motivated again and I will feel better with my “cleaned” me.

“Let´s start cleaning ourselves from the inside out”

I think the main reason why something like a detox exists is that there are so so many processed and chemical foods out there. The human being changed from eating natural meat, fish, whole grains, fruits and vegetable in small and balanced amounts to go to the supermarket and buy whatever looks good, sounds good, smells good no matter what´s in it. Some foods only look good because they are full of chemical preservatives and colorants.
Another problem for sure is that we nearly get EVERYTHING we want and that we have much less time for cooking and stuff like that. The local market and the amount of regional products is so small and there are so many imports from all over the world. And who´s clearing this important topic? Media? Teacher? Doctors? If we don´t educate ourselves, we probably wouldn´t even know what´s in our food (in case of the processed food I mean).

“Let´s get more to basics, let´s pay more attention to the food industry, let´s educate ourselves more instead of looking away and accept everything that comes from a can or a bottle”


It´s really not that hard or complicated, even if you have a full time job or 5 children (they will thank you for sure).
Just stick to natural, clean, fresh and healthy (organic) foods and drinks. Stay away from white flour, hardened oils, high-refined oild, refined sugar, chemical preservatives, unnatural colorants and flavors.
And I do know that this is not 100% possible or it´s very hard to do this 100%, but I think a 80/20 balance is the right thing for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
And when you – on top of that – decide to resign animal products like I do, even better ❤

Like I said, I did this before and it really helped me. Therefore I know how it feels to cut off particual foods and even cut off all the food for 5 days. I informed myself a lot about it – internet, books and blogs – so I feel confident enough to do this by my own. And in case I feel too weak or tired or sick, I´ll stop immediately!

In case you want to know how I created my plan for the next 17 days and how I feel with it, here is the place to follow my little project.
I will start with 3 days of fruits, veggies and rice/potato dishes as a warm meal for lunch or dinner. On day 4 I´ll start detox with a Smoothie Detox which is inspired by the Insmooth Detox Plan from I´m feeding myself with 3 different smoothies a day and add some small natural snacks like nuts or seeds. The smoothie detox will also last for 3 days, which brings me to day 7, when I cut off all the foods.
I need to drink 3-4 l water a day which can be pure water or tea (no green tea or black tea at that point). To warm my body from the inside and to get at least a few nutrients I will have a warm veggie stock (just the liquid, nothing to chew) and some fruit or veggie juices a day. I´m going to do this for 5 days.
After that, I accustom my body step by step to food again. I have a great book which includes many recipes and tips for the days after detoxing. Within 6 days, I´ll eat a little bit more day by day.
For all these 17 days (actually always) it´s very important to drink much water/tea. I usually drink like 2 – 2,5 l a day, during this period I try to stick with 3 – 3,5 l a day.

“Drink 3 l water a day (minimum) or go with herbal/fruit teas without artificial flavors”

I hope I explained everything in a proper way, otherwise feel free to leave a comment or send a mail if you need further information.

Here comes my 17 Day Detox Diary:

Day 1 – 29.01.2017


First day of my way to clean myself from the inside. I had a cozy sunday without any trouble, stress or much to do. Perfect day to start this, right 😉
It´s important – or let´s say it´s much easier – to start with a relief time. Means: You only eat natural food which are easy to digest. Also food that help motivate the metabolism. Go with fruits, berries, vegetables, potatoes, whole grain rice and similar things. Try to include 1-2 raw meals a day – believe me, it will be much easier this way, once you skip food completely!

The alternative would be taking an laxative the day before you want to cut off foods for your daily mealplan, but I think, that is just an objection…

Breakfast – 1 Banana, 1 Apple, 1 Pear, Herbal Tea
Lunch – Oven Potatoes
Dinner – Veggie Sticks (Carrots & Capsicum)
Snacks – Almonds & Walnuts

With that I had about 2 l herbal tea and water today, which I know is a bit too less, but I´ll try better the next days 😉

Day 2 – 30.01.2017

Alright – day number 2 🙂
I think I don´t have to say much here, because I still eat regularly, therefore I don´t feel any different. I had a little headache though, but I don´t think that this is caused by my eating behavior.


Breakfast – Fresh Fruit Platter
Lunch – 1 cup whole grain rice (cooked) mixed with 2 carrots, 1/2 capiscum, 1/2 avocado, the juice of 1/2 lime and the ‘Fruchtiges Reisgewürz’ from Just Spices (which contains lemon- & orange zest, orange blossoms, ginger, sea salt & lemon grass)
Dinner – Fresh Veggie Platter
Snacks – Almonds

And of course: enough liquid to boost the cleanse. I had herbal tea for breakfast, 1 l water at work and 1,5 l cranberry tea in the evening.

Day 3 – 31.01.2017

Last day with my Fruit-Veggie-Days – although I don´t skip food yet. I will have loads of fruits and veggies from tomorrow on, but I will have them as smoothies. This will help my body to accustom to a minimum digestion.

Breakfast – Fresh Fruit Platter as usual. Sounds boring, but I don´t have the same fruits every day.
Lunch – Oven Potatoes with Rainbow Veggies
Dinner – just had an apple, as I was still pretty satisfied from lunch xD
Snacks – Walnuts, Almonds & some Dates

Also tuesday is yoga day 🙂 Went to yoga class for 90 minutes and felt great afterwards! Namaste


Day 4 – 01.02.2017

Day 1 of my Smoothie Detox and day 4 of my 17-day-detox diary…
I´m having some serious sore muscles from yesterday´s yoga class, everything else is pretty much the same 😉 I still feel great, even lost 1,8 kg just by paying attention to a fresh, heathly & plantbased diet without these processed foods, without chemical, unnatural ingredients. Not my goal but a nice side effect 😉

So today (until day 6) will be full of smoothies and still some small snacks in case I feel hungry. Speaking of which: I might not had pizza, pasta, my beloved oatmeal or chocolate the last 3 days, but I never felt hungry or when I felt hungry, I ate something – I just picked wisely. So please don´t think this is some sort of “I´m only allowed to eat 3 times a day” or “I´m starving but I can´t eat because otherwise I´m cheating”. It´s just about preparing my body to 5 days of detoxing without any food. It happens automatically that you feel less hungry after 2 or 3 days and that you feel more than full after just one smoothie (like I do right now, writing this :D).
The following recipes are inspired by the Insmooth Detox Plan from and some of them are my own creations. I planned my 3 days up front for grocery shopping reasons.

Smoothie 1 – Apple-Cardamom Smoothie (recipe from
Smoothie 2 – Pink Sour Beauty (contains pomegranate seeds, lemon juice, ginger and other boosters – find the whole recipe here)
Smoothie 3 – Green Detox Monster (contains tangerines, banana, spinach and other yummy ingredients – find the whole recipe here)

I´m going to the movies tonight with a friend, so I will probably take smoothie number 3 with me – and also some nuts I guess for noshing something during the movie.
dsc09437 dsc00194

Day 5 – 02.02.2017

Today was a VERY good day 😀 I had an oral exam this morning and I´m more than happy with the result. Before I left I enjoyed my breakfast smoothie and when I came back my boyfriend and I had a lovely walk on the beach as the weather was pretty good. Freezing cold but still nice to enjoy some sunrays.
When we came back at about 3 o´clock I made myself a yummy matcha vanilla milk. I´ll share the recipe with you soon, promise 😉

What else?! Ah yes, I had a quick but effective and exhausting workout by Freeletics. It was Metis for those of you who know Freeletics. It´s just a round about 10 minute workout, but that doesn´t mean it didn´t make me sweat 😛 Burpees, Climbers and Jumps you know….

I still don´t feel any different, I´m in a very good mood, I´m stressless and satisfied with everything *.*

Smoothie 1 – Carrot-Cardamom Smoothie (recipe from
Smoothie 2 – Matcha Vanilla Milk (find the recipe here)
Smoothie 3 – Red Dream (recipe from, contains red cabbage and other)


Off to the couch I go now 😀

Day 6 – 03.02.2017

Today was a pretty busy day. I got up early to do some stuff for my blog and for university. After that I went to work until 7 p.m. I took my breakfast smoothie with me, when I left for university as well as my lunch smoothie, which I had at work.
When I came home, I had a nice girls-night watching ‘Love, Rosie’ with a friend and enjoying smoothie number 3 with her on the couch.

I still feel very good and motivated. Infact I think that I maybe had more energy than usual – instead of taking the train from university to work I walked. And even though I went to bed pretty late, I woke up at 8 this morning feeling great and well-rested. I think that´s one of the signs that my body gives me, that a clean diet with loads of veggies and fruits and without any junk or instant meals simply is better for inner wellness.

Smoothie 1 – Pecan Smoothie (recipe from, contains pecans, banana, soy yoghurt and other)
Smoothie 2 – Beet-Spinach Smoothie (recipe from, contains beet, spinach & grapefruits)
Smoothie 3 – Citrus Power Drink (recipe from, contains oranges, tangerines, lemons and other)


Day 7 – 04.02.2017

First day without food! I slept until 08:30 h, finished my book (and started a new one :D), did some blog & university stuff, started to knita bandeau and watched 2 girly movies before my boyfriend came home from a little trip. As you can see, I didn´t do anything stressfull or exhausting. I wanted to give my body rest, as the first 2 days of detoxing without any food are usually the hardest. Yes I felt a little hungry and yes I wasn´t at my highest energy level, but that´s just because my body has to accustom itself to no food. In case you want to try this and you can´t ‘handle’ the first 2 days, I would recommend a light laxative to clean your bowel. Once your body has nothing to digest anymore, it won´t feel hungry. Because hunger is the result of a processing degestion.

I said it before, and I will say it again: drinking is the a and o during a detox. I had 1,5 l detox tea during the day as well as 1 l infused water with cucumber, lemon, ginger and mint (I used non-carbonated/still water because it´s soothing the stomach). For ‘dinner’ I had about 0,6 l organic veggie stock and a glas of tomato juice with water.
Makes something between 3 and 3,5 l today.


Day 8 – 05.02.2017

When I woke up this morning, I felt a little dizzy. I got up having a little hustle and sickness. I took a nice warm bath, which made me feel better, but it still wasn´t quite good. As I can´t and don´t want to force my body to this non-food-days I tried to start my day with the Acai Smoothie from Berioo.
I felt much better after that so I´ll continue similiar to yesterday.
Made myself a refreshing breakfast drink with freshly-squeezed tangerine juice (2 tangerines), some organic orange juice and a splash of lemon juice filled up with water. And of course I made myself a fruity tea and some infused water.

The day was a pretty quiet as well as yesterday was, reading something, knitting, watching a movie with my boyfriend and stressless stuff like that. I considered to try to go for a short run but I decided not too, because I still felt a little weak.

My evening ‘snack’ (at about 7 o´cock) was another veggie stock and a tomato juice.

Day 9 – 06.02.2017

Today I feel very great!!!

Like I said: the first 2 days are often the hardest. I woke up at 08:30 h being fully rested and started my day with a hot Lemon-Ginger-Mint Tea. I love this one and I make it with fresh ingredients only. I´m using the juice of 1 lemon, a piece of ginger and a fresh stipe of mint. 0,5 l hot water on top and some agave in case it´s too sour et voila: perfect morning booster!

Citrus fruits are very important for a detox as they support your immune system and your digestion. Together with ginger and mint they will kick-start your metabolism in the right direction 😉 And super yummy as well!!

So I started working at 1 o´clock and finished at 06:30 p.m. (means I will be home at 7). I took some tea with me and I get as much water at work as I want to. The ideal situation for a detox like this would be no work at all, I know, but as this is just a very short shift without too much stress, it works for me.

It was another day with round about 3 – 3,5 l water/tea and my ‘dinner’ stayed the same => 0,5 l veggie stock + 1 jar of tomato juice. I was quite full after the veggie stock already so I waited with drinking my tomato juice another hours or so.

Day 10 – 07.02.2017

4th day *yay* Only today and tomorrow and I finished this chapter of my detox. I´m really proud of myself, especially I went for a run this morning. It was just 3,6 km and I had to walk some times instead of running the whole distance, but that´s fine for me. I´m happy that I don´t have that much of a lack of energy and I´m able to go running at all.

After the shower I had another Lemon-Ginger-Mint Tea (like yesterday) and 1 jar of water mixed with 1/2 teaspoon of locust bean gum. Locust bean gum has besides its thickened character also a natural laxative function. Another boost for your metabolism and therefore your digestion.
I know this topic is kinda weird – digestion, I mean – and you maybe wonder what´s to digest when your body doesn´t get any food, but believe me there is! It´s totally natural that you lose some weight during detoxing, so where do you think this weight goes? It won´t vanish into thin air, you digest all these ‘waste products’ from your body and you reject it. That´s why it´s important to drink hot lemon tea or orther citrus fruits and keep your body active to support this process.

Today is also another working day (I start at 3 p.m. and finish at 6:30) and after that I can enjoy another 90 minutes in my beloved yoga class ❤


Day 11 – 08.02.2017

Last day without foooooood!! I won´t hide that I´m thrilled about tomorrow, eating again! Yes, I miss the food, because I really like to eat. This doesn´t mean I regret this detox, it helped me a lot. I will appreciate the food more again, I will enjoy food more agagin (like taking time to sit on a table, enjoying a meal instead of eat something on my way to the bus for example) and I will be full faster, which means I really have to and I really want to listen to my body.

“Eat when you´re hungry, stop when you´re satisfied!”

So today will be the last day of 3,5 l water/tea a day, veggie stock and tomato juice.
I can already say, that my skin has improved, and I didn´t feel too weak this whole time (exept day 1 and 2 a little, but that wasn´t too much).

I´m about to go grocery shopping soon, because I want to start the next few days with fresh and organic vegetables and all the other ingredients I will need. In case you´re planning a siilar detox and don´t know how to start after you cut off the food, here are some ideas which you should include in your mealplan:

– fesh herbs
– sea- & herbal salt (try to use less than ususal)
– veggie stock
– oats or grounded oat
– millet or quinoa
– whole grain rice
– flax & chia seeds
– natural nuts
– dried fruits such as raisins, plums or figs
– natural yeast
– yoghurt / curd
– potatoes, onions, cellery & salad
– different kind of vegetables such as carrots, capsucum, cucumber & tomatoes
– different kind of fruits such as apples, pears, blueberries, raspberries, lemons & grapes

Also try to get much fresh air, stay active but don´t overdo it with exhausting workouts or long distance running. Stretch before you go to bed and take time for yourself. Do what makes you relax – for me it´s reading, knitting, meditation and yoga. And very important: really enjoy eating again and drink enough water or tea. Chew slowly and often, take time to sit on a table instead of eating and doing something else at the same time. Watch your saturation!

I have to work on my assignment for university now, before I´ll go to work at 3 again.

Update (6 p.m.): it seems, that my ill boyfriend infected me with the flu 😦 He´s at home for 4 days now, having a sore throat and a pretty bad cough. I was always telling him not to infect me, but now I might think this didn´t help…
Now I´m having a sore throat and I feel so cold all the time. I went to work at 3 and everything was more or less fine. And then from now to then: weakness and freezing even though my office was super warm.
I left at 5 (instead of 6:30), took a hot bath for colds, brew up another pot of tea and also had my daily veggie stock. I felt better after that, but my boyfriend insisted to eat at least an apple or a pear to give my body some vitamins. And I knew he´s right. I ate a pear and went to bed early.

Day 12 – 09.02.2017
“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food!” – Hippocrates

Excatly!!! Wise man 😉
I didn´t sleep very well and not very long as my back hurts a little. Made some relaxing yoga exercises to release the tentions and started my day with another pear. It´s hard to believe but this one pear was almost too much to eat. I felt super full after that and it tasted amazing.

At lunchtime I enjoyed a soup with fresh veggies like potatoes, carrots, celeriac and spinach. Not too fancy but super nourishing after 5 days without food.
Dinner was a nice selfmade tomato soup with a crisp bread and one glass of a vanilla soy drink topped with flax seeds. I also added some turmeric to my drink for an extra health kick – especially because of my little cold…


Day 13 – 10.02.2017

Yay, I feel way better today

My morning begun with a herbal tea and a dried fig, which I soaked in water overnight.
After that I had a wheat soup with turmeric, maca and fresh herbs. This one will never be my favourite, but it´s not too bad and it helps with accustoming my body to food again. Easy to digest and only wholefoods.

Lunch was way better. It was super simple, without any fancy stuff, but believe me, super satisfying and delicious.
And the best thing – I also made myself a dessert: soy yoghurt with some apple juice, agave and flax seeds.

And finally dinner: carrot-apple salad with a tablespoon of soy yoghurt, some lemon juice and lemongrass. With that another soup to relax your belly for the night: Whole Grain soup with celeriac and a crispbread. And yes, also a little dessert: 3 tablespoons soy yoghurt, some apple juice, 2 teaspoons chia seeds and 1 teaspoon flax seeds.

It´s very important to stick to some soups on the first 2 days as well as natural organic vegetables, as your body and especially your metabolsim/digestion has to realise, that you slowly increase the amount of food. Starting with a dish which contains many fats or sweets would simply overwhelm your whole body.


Day 14 – 11.02.2017

My body has changed! Besides the obvious things like weightloss, better skin, better nails and shiny hair, I feel, that my body doesn´t need that much of food. I eat slowly and I eat wholesome. When I´m full, I stop, when I´m hungry I eat.
That´s what I´m doing during these days after my detox and that´s what I want to continue in the future.

My third day with food started with a dried fig and a herbal tea (again) – I sit on a table and enjoyed it, even though it was just a little thing.
When I finished I started to prepare my ‘second’ breakfast: my beloved oatmeal ❤
I used 2 tbsp oats & 1 tbso goji berries (soaked in 3 tbsp water overnight) and mixed it with 3 tbsp soy yoghurt, 1 small grated apple and a splash of lemon juice. Then I topped it with fresh blueberries, grapes, some banana slices, more gojis and quinoa popps.

Lunch was wholegrain rice with onion dices, olives and herbs and a hot zucchini-tomato salad. For dessert I had 2 tbsp soy yoghurt mixed with 1/2 grated apple, some cinnamon and lemon zest and topped with raspberries and blueberries.

Dinner was an extra deliciousness. Sauerkraut-salad boats with a refreshing lemon dressing and whole grain bread with that. I will upload the recipe for the sauerkraut-salad boats soon 😉

dsc00326 dsc00335

Day 15 – 12.02.2017

I´m feeling better and better. My cold is completely gone, I have a lot of energy and I´m in such a good mood these days. I´m looking forward to eat, because I know it will make me feel better, it´s delicious and it´s wholesome!

I had another oatmeal this morning – guys, what can I say, I´m just addicted to it 😀
Again I had some oats soaked in water overnight. In the morning I added soy yoghurt, 1 grated apple, other fruits like banana slices, raspberries and blueberries and this time also some chopped natural nuts (cashews, walnuts, almonds and peanuts).
With that a herbal tea and some good music…

Lunch was a little bit unexpected. I decided to create two recipes for the upcoming Valentine´s Day and therefore I had to try this food. Otherwise I couldn´t tell you if it´s worth the try or not 😉
So I made a ‘Chia French Toast‘ and some ‘Acai Pancakes‘ and I was more than happy with the result – and so was my boyfriend 😉 The recipes are on my blog as well ❤
I had one French Toast (contains 2 slices of whole grain toast) and about 2 pancakes.

Dinner was another Sauerkraut-Salad boat because this salad is just so good. And with that 1 slice of whole grain bread and 2 crisp breads. Had some vegan spread on it.

I also took a nice walk to get some fresh air and enjoy the sun and made some yoga exercises to release my back after a couple of hours on m desk writing on my assignment.

Day 16 – 13.02.2017

Another monday, another week!
My little project is almost over and I´m so happy that you guys are part of it. That YOU read all of this and that I am able to share my journey and this little project with you.
This morning begun with a apple-nut granola. It contains 2 tbsp soy curd, a splash of lemon juice, some agave, 1/2 chopped apple, 50 g blackberries, 2 tbsp granola (mix of cornflakes, oats, rainsins, quinoa popps & cocoa nibs) and some chopped nuts.

As I had to work from 1 p.m. until 6.30, I prepared my lunch right after breakfast and took it with me. It was a delicious millet-risotto with tomato-onion sauce and some broccoli roses. The millet-risotto contained 30 g millet, 50 g carrots, 50 g celeriac, veggie stock, natural yeast flakes, sea salt, turmeric and some herbs.

When I came home from work, totally freezing, because we just had -5 degrees (C) outside, I made myself a rainbow salad with everything we had left in the fridge (romana salad, avocado, capsicum, cucumber, carrots & green olives). With that 2 slices og whole grain bread with a selfmade cheesy spread (2 tbsp soy joghurt, sea salt, white pepper, herbs & 1 tbsp natural yeast flakes) and a slices pear on top of it.
And I even had dessert on this cozy monday evening: A berrylicious soy yoghurt


Day 17 – 14.02.2017

Happy Vantenie´s Day lovelies!
Last day of this project and I´m telling you this over and over again: I´m so happy that I did it.
My eating behaviors are way better than before, I´m less hungy and therefore I eat less. My goal your goal should´t be eating less, it should be eating healthier and we all should be more conscious about it.

I had a nice breakfast with my boyfriend this morning: made us my ‘Valentine´s Chia French Toast‘ and enjoyed a big mug of fruit tea.

After breakfast a friend of mine came for a little photoshoot, which was super fun and we shared our lunch time. We had some Wraps with a simple veggie filling and some oreos and nuts for dessert *.*

Dinner will be with my boyfriend. He´s taking me to some restaurant, but he didn´t want to tell me what kind. But he knows me too well and I´m sure it will be a kick-ass vegan yummyness ❤

Just a little summary at the end:
It´s amazing that my body actually doesn´t need big amounts to be satisfied and happy. It just needs whole foods and a relaxed mind. Because stress or boredom often result too little food or too much food. Do you know the feeling, when you eat something and then realize that you don´t even hungry? Or that feeling when you have so much to do that you simply forgot to eat? Or something that happened to me too often: Something is so delicious that you eat and eat and eat even though you´re full. It´s like, “this could be the last meal ever, so eat evrything you can”. But everything you can is not the same with everything that´s good for your body.
I´ll tell you (and myself) over and over again: listen to your body!!! Eat wholesome foods, eat whole grains, eat fruits and veggies, get creative. It will help you to get to know yourself better and it will help you to be happy. No bloatings (intolerances excluded), being full longer, more energy, better skin, better digestion.

If this sounds familiar to you and you want to achieve these things and reset your body, start today. And if you´re making a detox like I did or any kind of detox, it will even help you more through the very first days, when you´re body misses these addictive foods like refined sugar, white flour, hardened oils, chemical preservatives and all the things I mentioned before. Once these things are out of your system (which will be accelerated by a detox with a period of no food), you won´t have these cravings any more. What the body doesn´t know (any more), can´t be missed.

I´m more than happy and thankful that you came until here. That you read yourself through and that you´re obviously interested in this topic and therefore a healthy reset. I hope everything was well-explained and good to understand. I am always open for any questions or suggetions and I would also like to hear if you have experiences with some kind of detox.

Sending positivity and love your way!
xx J