Fairment Kombucha

Meet the heads behind Berlin´s Startup ‘Fairment’ and learn more about Kombucha Let me tell you something about my new favourite drink for every daytime and let me show you how I produce it by myself. I saw and heard about Kombucha over and over again and wanted to convince myself of this superdrink. So … More Fairment Kombucha

Detox Diary

Hey lovelies! I decided to clean my body (again) and start detoxing again. I have done this twice before and it really helped me to feel better, to improve my food habits and to start over. I consider myself a healthy person, I pay attention to the food I eat, to the beverages I drink … More Detox Diary

Superfoods A-Z

Foods that have a very high nutrient density and many vital substances have an incredible variety of positive properties for health. These foods are called superfoods. They usually contain a combination of antioxidant phytonutrients, vital nutrients, essential fatty acids and non-dispensable amino acids which act together in a particularly effective synergy. Here is a little … More Superfoods A-Z

Conversion Table

In the jungle of all these wonderful and super delicious recipes I came across loads of unknown declarations for the ingredients. American, Australian, European, …. eeehhhmmmm …. To make everything a little bit easier I created this little cup conversion table to convert the varities of ingredients and their quantities. In case you need other … More Conversion Table