Hey there! I´m truely happy that you are browsing through my blog and spending time reading this. My name is Jana, I´m 25 years old and I was born in a small town near Hamburg. I´m currently living in Rostock for university studying German and Communication / Media Management. I will finish university in summer 2017 and would love to work in the Social Media Business afterwards.

I´m vegetarian since November 2014 and started to create vegan recipes in the early 2016. The vegan diet really changed a lot. Not only because I was diagnosed with lactose intolerance but also because I was always kinda struggling with diets, counting calories or points and finding a way to excercise regularly in a long term. I really needed something that balanced my body and mind to accept myself. Even though I´m still not at that point where I´m completely satisfied, veganism helped me getting closer every day. Also I spend more time learning more about the food instrustry, what it does to animals and the environment and how it effects our body. I don´t want to lecture anybody about going vegan or criticize those who are not, I just want to share some impressions, inspire people to a healthier lifestyle and enjoy things I really love. And I expect people to accept that – well, at least my family and friends! I love animals and spending time outside enjoying the beauty of nature so I want to protect that part as much as I can!

After finding my way to a healthier lifestyle with changing my food habits, I signed up for Freeletics in April 2016 which I´m proudly hang on to. I also go for a run from time to time and love doing yoga.


I started taking pictures of my food in January 2016 for fun and I never thought that it´s actually THAT much fun. I found this awesome community on Instagram, had and have the chance to ‘meet’ amazing people from all over the world and get to know more and more ways to nourish myself with healthy AND delicious food. It´s so important to take care of yourself which is something I had and still have to learn but this caption of my life made it a lot easier. Whenever you struggle with yourself, whenever you have doubt in yourself, whenever you don´t know what to do and how you can make yourself feel better, don´t hide! Talk to someone and work on yourself to be happy! Happiness starts with you, not with your relationships, not with your job or the money you earn, but with you. And it´s never too late to be what you want to be.

Now you know at least some facts about me and I would love to share more, so please just leave a comment or send a mail if you are interested in anything else! Btw I would also love to know who you are 😉

xx J