Who likes sushi as much as I do? Well I love it ❤
I could have eaten this whole plate by myself but held back and shared it with m dear friend Kora. We try to meet regularly and almost every time we cook something, watch a movie or an episode of a random series on netflix and have some nice girl talk 😀

This time, I made sushi for us. I used carrots, cucumber, capsicum, mushrooms and avocado for the filling, but feel free to use any kind of veggies you want or you have available. I thought about creating sweet sushi, but that might taste weird with the nori sheets 😀 😀

If you´re making sushi for the very first time, don´t be afraid, it is really not that complicated (even my bf got it 😀 😀 ) – most packages of nori sheets or sushi rice have an introduction for you, but Ißm happy to explain how I handle this:
Start with cooking the rice – you will need roundgrainrice for this – it´s extra sticky and therefore perfect to be rolled up. There is extra sushi rice but to be honest, I used the rice which I use for making rice pudding/milk rice and it also worked perfectly (difference is, his rice is much cheaper 😉 ).
You can start chopping the veggies while the rice cooks but you could also wait until the rice is done cooking because it needs some time to cool down anyway.
Try to slice/cut the veggies as thin as possible. I always use a peeler for the cucumber and the carrots to get very thin stripes. For the Avo, the mushrooms and the capsicum I use a sharp knife. Once the rice is cool enough, place a nori sheet on a shushi-mat and cover the sheet with rice. I use my fingers for that, because it´s easier to spread the rice over the sheet – but be careful here, the rice is pretty sticky so make sure to moistening your hands with water. Don´t forget to leave a gap of like 1-2 cm at the upper end for an easier rolling afterwards. Now veggies: place them in a row of like 5 cm. Make sure you start at the lower end after leaving like 2 cm clear (see picture below) and don´t go to high with your veggies here, because the higher it gets the harder it is to roll it. Now roll it with the help of you sushi-mat as tight as possible and then cut it smaller pieces.
I love to eat sushi with wasabi and soy sauce, but there are no do´s and don´t here, so just enjoy it with whatever you want 🙂


And now experiment with the ingredients. Use other veggies or sauces. Sushi is perfect to take with you or for a party/sit-in because it can´t get cold. And just because the original contains fish doesn´t mean that a vegan version isn´t good. The opposite: it´s super good, because it´s delicious and cruelty-free ❤

Ingredients for 1 Plate of Sushi (2-3 Persons):

275 g Roundgrain Rice
a pinch of Salt
1 tsp Veggie Stock (Powder)
2 tbsp White Wine Vinegar
4 Nori Sheets
1 Carrot
1/4 Cucumber
1/2 Capsicum
2-3 Mushrooms
1 Avocado
Some Soy Sauce and Wasabi if you like
You will also need a sushi-mat for the rolling


Cook the rice in 300 ml water, salt and veggie stock for about 20-25 minutes (until the water is completely evaporate). Remove the pot from the heat and add white wine vinegar, then mix everything.
While the rice cools down, wash and cut the veggies (tips for extra thin veggies above).
Once the rice is cool enough, start with a nori sheet on a shushi-mat. Add some rice on top and cover the whole sheet (except 1-2 cm on the upper end). Now that the rice covers the sheet, add the vegetables in a row of like 5 cm. Make sure you start at the lower end after leaving like 2 cm clear (see picture above). Now roll your sushi as tight as possible. Once you have the lower end rolled in you can just roll the rest with the mat until it´s completely rolled. Now cut the roll into several pieces (use a very sharp knife and don´t press too much – you don´t the nori sheet to rip). Enjoy them with wasabi and soy sauce if you like that!





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