Ocean Chia Bowl

I finished my bachelor thesis so I finally have time to create new recipes again ❤ It was about time, wasn´t it?!
Now it´s not only time to concentrate on new recipes and blog posts but also on apartment- and job-hunting in Hamburg :O But first: This super easy, healthy and over the top yummy recipe – Matcha Chia Pudding!!!

Just in case you haven´t tried matcha yet: please do! For this ocean inspired bowl, I used blue matcha and green matcha and mixed it to this turquois ❤

Substract the time for the chia-soaking (calculate about 30-60 minutes), I think this bowl took me not even 5 minutes to prepare. Make sure to let the chia seeds soak for about 30-60 minutes. Keep stirring from time to time to avoid clusters.
Once you have a pudding texture, add the matcha to color everything. In case you want to know why matcha is such a superfood, make sure to check out my Superfood A-Z

I added my own mint from the balcony to this bowl by chopping the leaves finely. I loved this combination – well it´s actually pretty hard to find something which contains mint I don´t like… seriously I instantly fall in love with food which contains mint 😀
That´s why I grow it on my balcony. I only have a small pot but it grows and grows and I love it. I thought I killed it last autumn by not watering it anymore and then when I didn´t remove it from the pot during winter, I thought “okay now it´s definitely dead”, but no, it came back this spring and now that it´s summer it grows bigger than ever ❤
You don´t need a big garden to make something like that… I even had some tomatoes on the balcony last year *.*

Okay, back to this bowl… I´m super in love ith this color and I really loved the taste (yeah, I said that :D). So here´s the recipe…


3 tbsp Chia Seeds
15 tbsp Plant Milk
1 tsp Blue Matcha
1/2 tsp Green Matcha
5-7 Mint Leaves
Banana Slices, Cocoa Nibs, Mint Leaves & Raspberries as toppings


Let the chia seeds soak in milk (or water) over night or at for about 1 hour.
Once you have a thick chia pudding, add matcha and chopped mint leaves. I topped everything with the mentioned toppings and also diced a pear and placed it in the bowl before I added the chia pudding to the bowl.
Super easy and fast breakfast or lunch idea for a long lasting feeling of satiety.





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