Spring Pan with Asparagus & Leek

Even though spring is almost over and some summer vibes are flying around, I have a super simple spring recipe with loads of veggies for you.
What do you think about asparagus? I know so many people who don´t like asparagus and then there are those who love it. It´s similar to kale I guess… You have to love it, otherwise you hate it 😀

I didn´t like asparagus maaaany years, and I´m still not a big fan of the white one BUT when I tried the green one for the very first time, I kinda fell in love!!!
I was super sceptic at first and I always said “no, I don´t want to try it, because I really don´t like the white one”, but then I tried it one day and hated myself for avoiding this yummyness for so many years!
Guys, really, if you don´t like the white one, I´m with you, but you need to try the green one, before you say you don´t like asparagus!!!

This fast-cooked pan full of vegetables contains potatoes, zucchini, asparagus, mint, leek, chili, vegan creme fraiche and herbs of you choice. I bought the creme fraiche in the local supermarket, so I didn´t have to go to a vegan or organic shop. The vegan movement spreads and spreads and therefore even smaller supermarkets include these kinda products in to their product range – great huh?!

Okay, now have fun checking out and maybe trying out the recipe and make sure to tell me what you think 😉

Ingredients for 2:

3 medium sized Potatoes (about 180 g)
140 g Sweet Potatoe
230 g Zucchini
240 g Asparagus
1 stipe Mint
240 g Leek (1 stack)
1/2 Chili
75 g vegan Creme Fraiche
Oil for the pan
Salt, Pepper, Herbs (e.g. a mixture from Just Spices)


Wash and dice the potatoes and cook them in water for about 15 minutes. Wash the zucchini, the asparagus (no peeling needed), the mint leaves, the leek and finally the chili. Dice the zucchini, slice the leek, finely chop the chili and the mint leaves and cut the asparagus roughly.
Now heat up some oil in a big pan and start roasting the potato dices. Add the other veggies step by step let everything simmer for a moment and taste it with creme fraiche, salt, pepper and herbs of your choice.





I´m happy to read your comment :)

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