Blue Chia Pudding & Power Granola Parfait

I´m a little bit in a blue mood at the moment. I have a new helper in the kitchen called blue matcha – could be the reason 😉
But also when I see blue creations on instagram from other foodies, I´m falling instantly for them ❤

Have you tried blue matcha yet? I just love it, I even prefer blue instead of green matcha. Green matcha reminds me to wheat grass or similar grain-ish ingredients and blue matcha has a pretty much natural flavor. Therefore it gives a beautiful color and some kick-ass nutrients without a weird side-flavor (such as spirulina – no offence).

The recipe is a very simple one – just the way I like it. The ingredient list seems long and there might be some of them which you don´t have in your kitchen, but don´t worry: as usual it´s just a guideline or a suggestion. Therefore feel free to skip the ingredients you don´t have or replace them with others.
I always use oats and chia seeds when it comes to granola. Cocoa Nibs, hemp seeds and buckwheat make it very crunchy and quinoa flakes make it more powerful. If you don´t have maple syrup, you can use any other kind of syrup or agave nectar.
Same goes with the chia pudding and the matcha – in case you don´t have white chia seeds, feel free to use black ones and if you don´t have blue matcha, you can also use the green one or any other kind of powder, such as Acai… or you just go with a natural chia pudding 🙂

Ingredients for 1 Parfait:

2 tbsp white Chia Seeds, e.g. from Govinda
8 tbsp Plant Milk
1 tsp Blue Matcha Powder, e.g. from Matcha.Blue
3 tbsp Oats
1 tbsp black Chia Seeds, e.g. from Berioo
1 tbsp Quinoa Pops
1 tbsp Cocoa Nibs, e.g. from Berioo
1 tbsp Hemp Seeds
1 tbsp Buckwheat, e.g. from Govinda
1 tbsp Coconut Flakes
1 tbsp Maple Syrup
a pinch of Salt
3 tbsp Plant Yoghurt
Banana Slices for decoration


For the chia pudding simply mix the white chia seeds with the plant milk and the matcha and let it soak for at least 30 minutes (I recommend soaking over night).
For the power granola simply mix all the other ingredients in a bowl. Once the maple syrup is well and evenly-combined with the granola, start layering your parfait.
I started with 2-3 tbsp chia pudding, followed by 3 tbsp granola, topped with the soy yoghurt. Now the rest of the chia pudding and the granola on top.






I´m happy to read your comment :)

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