PB&J Nicecream


Nicecream season is just around the corner! Not that there is a time, when you can´t enjoy a big bowl of nicecream, but I prefer it on a warm summer day instead of a cold winter morning. I rather go with a warm oatmeal when it´s cold 😉
What about you?

The combination of peanutbutter and berries is soooo good! I could combine them seriously in every imaginable dish. Oatmeals, Cakes, Chia Parfaits…. whatever, this never gets old!
I have to admit, that this recipe is quite old and I wasn´t sure if I post it at all, but now I think, why not?! It´s simple, it´s delicious and well it´s nicecream. There shouldn´t be a nicecream-recipe that won´t be shared 😀 ❤

When you blend the frozen bananas make sure not to add too much liquid. Once the bananas start to melt a little, the creamy texture comes automatically. It also depends on your blender. If you have a high speed blender, you probably don´t need liquid at all.

What do you think about the color and the ombre style? I just love this!!! Especially when it comes to pink ❤
To get this ombre style, simply make sure to start with your basic color, which is a light yellow from the bananas in this case, and then add the color step by step. Start with a small amount, layer a tablespoon and then add more and more… The amount of layers and therefore amount of shades is up to you. Feel free to create 50 shades of nicecream 😀

Ingredients for 1 Jar:

2 frozen bananas
1 tbsp Peanutbutter
~ 2 tbsp Plant Milk
a hand full of frozen Raspberries


Just blend the frozen bananas with peanutbutter and almond milk (the amount depends on your favourite texture, but make sure to start with just a bit, you can always add more afterwards.
Once you have a ice creamy texture, place some tablespoons of it in a jar. Then add a few raspberry to your nicecream in the blender and mix it again. Now place another 1-2 tbsp in to your jar. A few more raspberries into your blender et voila: ombre PB&J nicecream ❤








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