Onion-Veggie Tart

When you want to bake something but don´t really feel like eating something sweet, you think about baking something savory, right?!
Well, I did. And this is how it came to this super delicious onion-veggie tart. I always wanted to try a tart like that but wasn´t sure what to put on top. My boyfriend brought me to the idea of putting onions on top to have a tart similar to an onion cake. I really liked this idea, but also wanted some other vegetable on top. I short look in my fridge made me decide to go with zucchini and tomatoes. The extra tofu on top is optional but highly recommented 😉
So now that I decided with vegetable I´m ging to use I though about a cream topping. The classic onion cake has a creme fraiche spread on top to I wanted something similar. And as I´m loveing my vegan cream ‘cheese’ so much, I wanted something like that for a topping.
So I let some salted cashews soak for an hour and just added some other nice ingredients before I blended everything.

Really not that complicated to make this, and also not so complicated to get these ideas. Just try to stick to recipes you know and try to make them healthier, vegan or just find alternatives for those ingredients you don´t have available.

The dough is a simple shortcrust. The basic formula says to use 3 pieces flour, 2 pieces fat and 1 piece sugar (for sweet short crusts). When you want a savory shortcrust just skip the sugar and add some salt and yur favorite herbs and spices. You can also replace some fat with sparkling water, that´s why I´m using 150 g butter and 50 g sparkling water. Just make sure that you use very cold or even better frozen butter and mix it very fast. The texture of the baked shortcrust is much better when the butter starts melting in the oven and not while you mixing the dough.

Feel free to add any other kind of vegetable on top. No limits here 🙂
Have fun baking this savory cake for lunch, dinner or your next party-souvenir.

Ingredients for 1 Tart:

300 g Flour
150 g vegan Butter
50 ml sparkling Water
150 g salted Cashews
4 tbsp Soy Yoghurt
1 tbso natural Yeast Flakes
1 tbsp White Wine Vinegar
3 Onions
1/2 Zucchini
2 big Tomatoes
120 g Tofu
Salt, Oregano, Herbs a la Provence


For the dough mix the flour with cold (!) butter, sparkling water, some salt and oregano until you have a well-combined dough. Press it into a tart form and put it in the fridge while you prepare the topping.
For the cream topping let the cashews soak for about an hour. After that blend it in a high speed food processor together with the soy yoghurt, yeast flakes, white wine vinegar, salt & herbs a la provence until your have a ceamy texture. Spread it on the dough a put it back in the fridge.
Now peel and slice the onions, wash and slice the zuchhini and the tomatoes and place them step by step on you tart. Dice the tofu and spice it up with your favorite spices and herbs. Place it on top and bake the tart at 180-200 degrees (C) for about 30 minutes.



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