Carrot Cake Oats

How great is it to bring vegetables into your sweet breakfast bowl?! Yes, I did it again 😀 Last time I created Chocolate Zoasts which is an oatmeal with zucchini and this time I added grated carrots to my oats.

And again, I was inspired by some great foodies from Instagram. The first time I saw the idea of bringing veggies to an oatmeal was in the galery of healthyeating_jo. She has so many great recipes and also one with carrots in her oats. Ever since I saw her picture of it, I was super interested in the taste, so I wrote it on my recipe-testing list. I created my own recipe though, Jo only inspired me to play with carrots in a sweet breakfast bowl.

Well the time past by and I haven´t tried this carrot oatmeal. So I had another great foodie and friend from Instagram reminding me to try it. Joanne from the_balanced_kitchen made herself some carrot oats and posted a lovely photo on Instagram. That´s when I decided to finally try it.

I saw a few recipes with coconut milk, but I wanted to go with soy milk in my recipe. But I bet it´s super delicious with coconut or even almond milk – just use your favorite one. Then I added some figs and almonds for a sweet and crunchy effect – I grated them together with the carrots in a food processor for thin chops. If you don´t have a food processor like that, use a hand grater or chop the carrots with a sharp knife (I think that will take a while). Adding figs or dates to oatmeal bowls, smoothies or even cakes is my favorite way of bringing sweetness to my recipes. Even though there are several natural and healthy sweetner like agave, maple or rice syrup or even coconut sugar, I enjoy going with dried fruits/berries as you have some extra vitamins and a special taste.

You can choose if you want to enjoy a warm oatmeal or a cold one. I heated it up to get a creamier texture and have a cake-ish feeling 😉
And then as usual: Just decorate with anything you want/have available and enjoy this yumminess.

Ingredients for 1 Bowl:

200 ml Plant Milk
50 g Oats, I used the `Chia Porridge`from Berioo
3 small Carrots
~ 10 Almonds
3 dried Figs
Chia Seeds, Almonds, Banana & Apple Slices as toppings


Grate the carrots together with the almonds and the figs in a blender until you have small chops.
Heat up the plant milk and add oats. Let it simmer for a while before you add the carrot-nut-fig chops. Mix everything well and heat your oatmeal up until you have your favorite temperature.
Top it with your favorite toppings and enjoy ❤




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