Apple-Nut Granola with Yoghurt Topping

I’m always looking for healthy and easy recipes which are not toooo fancy. I have some with superfood powders, but I try to minimalize these ingredients as much as possible to make it easy for you to remake them. I also try to keep the list of ingredients as short as possible to avoid the need of buying too much in the supermarket and therefore spending too much money. For some recipes it’s easier than for others, because you still want it to taste good, right?!

Another thing which is important for me is to give tips for alternatives. If you simply don’t like a specific ingredient or you have an intolerance, you can easily replace them with others.
I used the spice blend ‘oatmeal spice’ from Just Spices for this recipe and I’m aware that not everybody has that available or wants to buy it for this and future recipes. Don’t worry, just use spices of your choice for example coconut flakes, cocoa powder or nibs, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger or whatever you want to.

Like I said: simple and healthy is what I’m looking for (besides the obvious fact that all my recipes are vegan of course). This one is made of 5 ingredients plus your favourite toppings. It´s super easy and fast to make – so you don´t have to wait like 30 minutes to finally enjoy your breakfast.

Something else you will need is a grater or food processor for the apples. In case you don´t have that in your kitchen, just use a knife and cut small chops. Same with almonds. Well and that´s actually it. No extra sugar, because the apple give enough natural sugar. No cooking, baking or roasting. Just a fresh breakfast idea which is ready in less than 5 minutes.

Ingredients for 2 Jars:

2 Apples
3 tbsp Oats
16 Almonds
1 tbsp ‘Oatmeal Spice‘ from Just Spices (optional)
Yoghurt of your choice
Banana slices and Almonds as toppings


Wash and core the apples. Grate them together with oats, almonds and the Oatmeal Spice if you have – alternatively use some cocoa powder, coconut flakes, vanilla, cinnamon & ginger. I definitely recommend to use a blender / food processor, because you can just add all ingredients to it and blend until you have small chops and therefore the wanted granola.
Enjoy it with your favorite yoghurt on top.



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