Apple-Rose Pie

Sunday is Cake-Day!
Usually it´s called Pancake-Sunday but I prefer to bake some cakes, muffins, cupcakes or loafs on a free sunday afternoon 🙂
And that´s what I did last Sunday… It was quite spontaneous, so I didn´t have a specific recipe in mind, not even a specific kind of cake. I took a look in my kitchen cupboards and threw everything together that made sence for me.
The result was this absolutely delicious Apple Pie. Guys seriously you have to try this, it´s super easy, won´t take too long and is just a bomb. I´m kinda proud of this one, as I really didn´t plan to create a new recipe for the blog, but as it turned out so good, I just had to share it with you!

The base is a simple short crust with some extra goodies like a grated apple, marzipan and cinnamon.
Before I spread the sliced apples on top I also made a vanilla pudding and spread it onto the crust. Then I thought about the final cut and therefore how I arrange the apples slices on top. I actually wanted to go with apple roses – you know, like avocado-roses just with apple slices – but I failed, haha. Then I started to arrange them as you see on the photos and was pretty happy that it´s still kinda flower-ish.
Oh and then a pinch of cinnamon on top and off to the oven.

The whole kitchen and after like 15 minutes my whole place smelled like an apple-pie-paradise. My boyfriend came home from his sunday soccer game and was like “cake – sweet! I could smell that outside already” 😀
When we both ate the first fork we looked at each other and knew this must be heaven, haha. Seriously I didn´t expect it to be that good, because I often fail pretty much when it comes to throwing together ingredients for cakes. Therefore it was a happy surprise 🙂

Ingredients for 1 Cake (Ø 26 cm):

300 g Flour
80 g vegan Butter
60 g Cane Sugar
60 g Marzipan
1 big Apple
2 tsp Baking Powder
a pinch of Salt
2 tbsp natural Soy Yoghurt

Vanilla Pudding
1/2 Package Vanilla Pudding Powder
250 ml Soy Milk
1 tbsp Cane Sugar

Apple Topping
2 big Apples
a pinch of Cinnamon


Starting with the crust you just mix all the dry ingredients. Wash and grate the apple, dice the marzipane and add both together with the other remaining ingredients to your flour-mix and blend until you have a well-combined dough. Use baking hooks or your hands to do that as it will be more like a cookie dough. Spread the mass into a baking form and make sure to build a little frame.
Now mix the pudding powder with 2-3 tbsp cold soy milk. Heat up the rest of the milk and add the pudding milk and the sugar while stirring until it cooks. Once it thickens replace ot from the heat and let it cool down – make sure to stirr from time to time.
In the meantime core, half and slice the apples. Once you have finished, spread the vanilla pudding on the crust and start to place the apple slices on top. Start at the outer edge to form a apple-flower.
Finally bake at 180 degrees (C) for about 40 minutes.




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