Fairment Kombucha

Meet the heads behind Berlin´s Startup ‘Fairment’ and learn more about Kombucha
Let me tell you something about my new favourite drink for every daytime and let me show you how I produce it by myself.

I saw and heard about Kombucha over and over again and wanted to convince myself of this superdrink. So I researched a bit and found the Startup ‘Fairment‘. They have different flavored Kombucha as well as a Do-it-yourself kit to order… Trying a new drink or food is one thing but produce it by yourself – that´s what I was excited about!

Before I give you some details about the fermentation, I´d like to give you some facts about Kombucha itself.
For all my German readers: feel free to check out their website and reads the FAQs in German…

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented tea-drink, consisting of water, green or black tea, probiotic yeats and bacteria and a small amount of sugar, which is produced with a tea-fungus called SCOBY („Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast“). During fermentation the organic substances like carbohydrates will be metabolized to acids, gases and alcohol.

Kombucha contains several vitamins, minerals and acids which makes it super healthy.

How to make Kombucha by yourself:

You will need a starter kit – look here if you like to order. This contains the SCOBY, the starter liquid, a big jar with a proper cloth, a funnel, a tea strainer, organic tea, organic sugar and of course the instruction.

So I started just like it´s stated on the instruction. I boiled 3 l water, let 6 tsp of the delivered oragnic tea brew in it for 8 minutes and added 12 tbsp of the delivered organic sugar. Now I let it cool down, as the SCOBY doesn´t like it to be too warm around him. Once the tea was at room temperature, I filled it in the jar, added the SCOBY as well as the liquid around it and ‘closed’ it with the cloth to avoid any contamination.
The tea has to rest for 6-10 days at a warm, dark place. Therefore I chose a place right next to the heating and I put another dark cloth over the jar.
Every now and then I took a look and after 7 days I finally had my very own Kombucha. I removed the SCOBY, refilled the Kombucha in bottles but left about 15% of it to start the next fermentation. With this 15% and the SCOBY everythings starts from the beginning!

I could have drunk the Kombucha like that but I prefer it carbonated, so I just let the closed bottles rest for another 3 days at room temperature.
After that I chilled it in the fridge and enjoyed a glass every morning or whenever I felt like having a glass 🙂

It´s just a nice alternative to all these sugar-loaded lemonades and juices, because I don´t want to drink water like all the time. Having something else which is still super healthy is just perfect!
And the best thing: You can make your own Kombucha over and over again. Once you have a SCOBY you can use it several times. And when it sinks to the ground during the fermentation there will be built a new one on the surface. Therefore you can ferment more than one jar at a time, replace an old SCOBY or give the new one to a friend 🙂

Thanks to fairment and their starter-kit I will never have to miss Kombucha again ❤

Oh and just one more thing, in case you can´t speak German and therefore you are not able to read the German FAQs on fairments website: If you finished your first Kombucha but don´t want to or don´t have the time to start a new fermentation, you can also storage the SCOBY with some water in an airtight container in your fridge until you want to start a new fermention. Also make sure to stick to green or black teas as herbal teas are antibacterial. But you can add fruity or herbal teas afterwards to give it a different flavor.

You should really give it a try, it´s totally with it!









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