Spinach Pesto


There is seriously no need in adding parmesan to pesto. I know the regular recipe contains it, but if you want to make it vegan, you really won´t miss this ingredient. If you like a slight cheesy note, better add natural cheese flakes instead of real cheese – cruelty free is so much better 😉

Same goes with the usual basil, that is used in the green pesto. Just be creative with different kinds of ingredients.
I used spinach this time, added some nuts, seeds and of course oil and I really loved it with a bowl of noodle or also rice.
You can also use kale or any other leaf to get your daily greens. Just use what you like.

Did you know that spinach has more protein than beef? So whenever someone asks a vegan where he or she gets the needed protein, the answer should be: from this delicious spinach pesto 😀 kidding, the answer should be: spinach, tofu or other soy products, broccoli or kale, because there is no need in worrying about a protein lack as a vegan!
The only thing that should be watched is the amout of Vitamin B12, every other prejudice is just not true!!!

So give this simple pesto a try, if you like to have a fast but healthy sauce to your paste, rice, quinoa or whatever ❤
Oh and I know there are 20 tbsp olive oil in it, which seems a lot, but guys, don´t be afraid of fat as long as it´s the good fat. And besides, you only use 1-2 tsp of the pesto for a whole bowl of noodles, so what´s the big deal 😉



140 g fresh Spinach
40 g Pumpkin Seeds
20 g Sunflower Seeds
20 g Cashews & Walnuts
20 tbsp olive oil
Sea Salt


Simple as heck: Just add all the ingredients to a blender / food processor and give it a good blend. Once you have a creamy texture, fill it in some glasses and enjoy with noodles, rice or something like that.





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