Peanut-Mie Wok


I just looooove Asian dishes. All these fresh veggies combined with rice or noodles and then the different kinds of herbs and spices are just so good.
I created this very simple wok for a sunday dinner. It doesn´t take long and the ingredients are available in a ‘normal’ supermarket.

I tried the veggie stock ‘Asia’ from ‘Little Lunch’ here for the very first time. I boiled the mie noodles in it and also added the powdered stock to spice up this fresh wok. It´s super nourishing and provides all the great ingredients, you need for spicing up an asian dish.

I´m not a big fan of too hot dishes, like red thai curry or a chili sin carne, because I´m just pretty sensitive with these kind of spices. When I cook a thai curry or other very spicy dishes, I always use less chili or curry paste as stated. And even this is pretty hot for me then 😀
That´s why I decided to add some peanut cream to the mie-veggie wok instead of the typical spices. And still soooo good!
Also my boyfriend liked it this way very much, even though he also enjoys it to eat a hot asian dish 🙂



Ingredients for 2 persons:

80 g Mie Noodles
1/2 small Zucchini
1 Capsicum
1/2 Avocado
100 g Snow Peas
~ 12 Broccoli Roses
100 g Baby Corncob
1-2 tbsp Peanut Cream
1-2 tsp Peanut Oil
1-2 tbsp Soy Sauce
100 ml Asia Veggie Stock, e.g. from Little Lunch
Salt, Pepper, Coriander, Lemongrass, Ginger


Heat up some water and add about 1 tsp of veggie stock. Let the mie noodles cook for a couple of minutes and let them drain afterwards. In the meantime start washing and cutting your veggies: Slice the zucchini and cut the slices in half. Dice the capsicum as well as the avocado. Snow peas and baby corncobs can remain like they are except you want them smaller. Also decide by yourself how big you want your broccolie roses. Now heat up the peanut oil in your Wok (or normal pan if you don´t have a wok) and start adding the different veggies (Avocado should be added at the very end). Once your veggies are slightly roasted, add the mie noodles as well as the peanut cream. Mix everything until the cream is well-combined with the noodles and the veggies. The texture might be pretty sticky and thick, so feel free to mix about 100 ml water with some veggie stock and add it to your wok.
Finally add peanuts, salt, pepper and the other spices and let everything simmer for 3-5 minutes.




I´m happy to read your comment :)

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