PB-Choc Nicecream

Nicecream (Nana-Icecream / Banana-Icecream for those who haven´t heard of it) is like the best healthy thing that I happened to know. You can make your own icecream without a fancy machine, without fancy ingredients, it´s super delicious and nourishing and it´s super easy and quick to make.
You just need a hand blender or food processor and some bananas and that´s it. I like to add some nut- or soymilk for a better texture but thta´s not necessary. You also don´t need any kind of sweetener as bananas have their own natural sweetness 🙂
For this recipe I added some Chocolate Protein and some Peanut-Choc Powder but I also love to enjoy it the natural way. Here is another Nicecream-Recipe.

Of course you can also make ice cream with frozen berries, mangos, in fact all kinds of frozen fruits and it´s so much better than all the processed ice cream from the supermarket. Buying banana icecream in the supermarket (even if it´s vegan) is like eating icecream which tastes like banana but probably hasn´t even seen bananas. So making such things by yourself instead of buying it in the supermarket makes it much cheaper and you know for sure what´s in it. You treat your body the right way and your body will definitely thank you for that!!!

Whenever there is a very hot summer, make sure to freeze some bananas to enjoy the refreshment every now and then. And it´s also perfect with some fresh vegan waffles or pancakes. Take a look at the recipes on my blog by clicking on the red words.


Ingredients for 1 jar:

2 frozen Bananas
1 tbsp Chocolate Protein, e.g. from VegiFEEL
1 tsp PB2 Choc Powder
~ 100 ml Soy Milk
Cocoa Nibs & Quinoa Pops as toppings


When you haven´t frozen your bananas yet, make sure to peel them and cut them in at least five pieces – your blender will be very thankful 😉
Put all ingredients except the topping into your blender, let the bananas defrost for a couple of minutes in case you don´t have a high speed blender. You can also use a hand blender (thats what I do).
Blend everything until you have a icecream-ish texture and top it with your favourites.




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