Cashew Cream ‘Cheese’


Even though I´m an oatmeal addict, I like to have some fresh slices of bread or bread rolls sometimes in the morning. And as the typical things like cheese or cold cuts are no option for me, I go with vegan savoury or sweet spreads.
I usually buy these spreads at Rossmann, dm or in the next ‘organic’ supermarket but this time I tried to create my own one.
I´m so happy that I tried this one, as it is so super easy and absolutely amazing in the tasting. It has this cheesy flavor which comes from natural yeast flakes, and the texture is just like heaven. Perfect to spread it on a toast or dip some carrots in it. Seriously guys, you have to try this! I actually took a spoon and enjoyed it just like that – had to force myself to put it back in the fridge 😀

If you want to try this one, make sure to calculate the time for the cashews to soak in water. I like to do this overnight, but if you have time during the day, it should be fine to give it a 3-4 hour soak…
Add as much water as you like it, depends on your favourite texture. Same goes with herbs and spices. You can add sweet paprika, garlic, chive or whatever you have available or like.
I added sea salt, white pepper and the spice mix ‘Kräuterquakgewürz’ from Just Spices. If you don´t have that, don´t worry – just add herbs of your choice.

And it´s not only a great option for a vegan breakfast, I also like to have a slice of bread in the evening or cut some veggies and dip it into such spreads.



150 g Cashews
1,5 tbsp natural Yeast Flakes
Sea Salt, White Pepper, Herbs, such as ‘Kräuterquarkgewürz from Just Spices


Let the Cashews soak in water overnight or at least for 3-4 hours.
Give the soaked nuts together with the other ingredients to a blender/food processor and also add about 75 ml water.
Blend everything until you have a very creamy texture.




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