Oreo Quinoa Porridge



Nothing beats my beloved oatmeal, I know I say this all the time… But this quinoa porridge with – wait for it – oreos is pretty close ❤

Best thing is that oreos are actually vegan, adding it to your breakfast or a nice dessert is even better!!
And this one has such a fiber overload from the quinoa. It keeps you full longer and kick-starts your metabolism and digestion.
And what do you say about 4 ingredients? Believe me, it´s worth the try – you can also use oats if you want to be unfaithful to your oatmeal 😀


I had the idea of separating the oreos into cookies and cream when I saw a video of buzz feed a long time ago and it suddenly popped into my head when I was thinking about new recipes and a delicious breakfast idea. And the oreos as well as the banana have enough sweetness, that it´s not even neccesary to add other sweetener.

In case you can´t decide which one you like to eat – the white or the dark one I mean – just eat a little bit of both or put half of both porridges to one jar OR just eat both jar, like I did *haha*

And if you don´t feel like separating the oreos, leave them like them are, give them a good crush (preferably in a freezer bag) and mix everything with your quinoa and soy yoghurt. It´s all up to you, my way is just a little inspiration 😉


Ingredients for 2:

75 g Quinoa
1 Banana
3 tbsp Soy Yoghurt
6 Oreo (plus 2 for decoration)
optional sweetener like Agave


Cook the quinoa in water for 20-25 minutes. Once it´s done, make sure to let it drain for a while – use a fine colander or kitchen paper for that.
Meanwhile mash the banana with a fork and separate the oreo cookie from the oreo cream. The cookies need to be finely chopped and the cream needs to be heated up in the microwave for about 1 minute, so you have a well-combined cream.
Now mix the cooked quinoa with the soy yoghurt and separate it in two bowls. Add the oreo cream to one bowl and the cookie crumble to the other. Mix everything and give it a try in case you need some additional sweetness (I didn´t need that).
Fill both porridges into 2 different jars or bowl and top it with 1 oreo each. Or instead of separate the two flavours, you can of course also fill in one half of the white porridge into one jar and top it with one half of the dark porridge – up to you 😉





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