Valentine´s Chia French Toast


So tomorrow is like THE day of love.
I already old you what I think about Valentine´s Day, take a look here in case you´re interested.

Even though you have read my post for my ‘Valentine´s Acai Pacakes’ I wanna say it again, this time shorter:

You come first! Love yourself and do what makes you feel better!

Even though you´re alone or not on Valentine´s Day or any other day. And if you are: change this. You have family and you have friends and there is someone out there who loves your company! Dream big, be grateful, say please and thank you, try your best, choose to be happy, smile, hug often, offer to help, sing, laugh, dance, love yourself and remember that you are loved!!! Essentials of life guys…

This is not just about Valentine´s Day. It´s about life. It´s about being happy. And it´s really just this one step to a more positive way of living.

May you all have a super cute and loved Valentine´s Day, no matter if you´re with your husband, boyfriend, wife, girlfriend, sister, brother, mother, father or your best friend. And just in case you simply don´t want to be with someone tomorrow, because it´s a normal day for you, well then have a wonderful day and feel loved anyway!

The recipe for these super delicious and super crunchy French Toast was more a ‘let´s whisk some things together and let´s see how it ends up’ and guys these French Toasts ended up sooo good, I just had to upload the recipe.
I usually roast my French Toast in a pan but this time I just baked them for 15-20 minutes in the oven and you won´t believe how crunchy and crispy they turned out! Just perfect!
In case you don´t want to make your own jam, just use a vegan friendly one from the supermarket. Or you might want something completely different: go for a chocolate spread, peanutbutter or whatever come into your mind ❤


Ingredients for 2 French Toasts:

4 slices whole grain Toasts
30 g grounded Almonds
30 g whole grain Flour
160 ml Plant Milk
2 tsp Chia Seeds, e.g. from Berioo
3 tsp Coconut Sugar, e.g. from Berioo
2 tsp Sunflower Oil
a hand full of frozen raspeberries
1 tbsp chia seeds
optional sweetener


Use a cookie cutter to cut out the heart in the middle of 2 toast slices.
Mix all the other ingredients on a soup plate or a big bowl where you can cover the toasts with the creme later. Once you have a well-combined / cluster-free texture, give it a rest for the chia seeds to soak a bit. Meanwhile pre-heat your oven to 220 degrees (C).
After about 10 minutes start to dip the toast slices in your creme until both sides are fully covered – you may wanna use a spoon for this as well. When all 4 slices as well as the little hearts, you have cut out, are covered and soaked, put them on a baking tray (with a baking sheet) and bake them for about 15 minutes. After that turn them around and bake them for another 5 minutes.
While your toasts are baking, prepare your raspberry-chia spread. Just heat up the frozen raspberries in a small pott and add 1-2 tbsp water. Let them simmer for a couple of minutes until you have a nice berry sauce. Add the chia seeds and if you like some sweetener such as agave.
By the time your toasts are finished, spread the 2 toast slices without the heart with your berry jam. Top it with your cut-out toast. You can do the same with the little hearts, or you use a different spread. I covered it with vegan nutella, peanutbutter and some salted peanuts to have s snickers-effect 😉



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