Valentine´s Acai Pancakes


It´s almost Valentine´s Day and Instagram, Facebook, all the beautiful food blogs and for sure the public advertisements are full of flowers, pink colors, chocolate and all this romantic stuff you know for Valentine´s Day.

Even though I´m writing this post and even though I´m in a very happy relationship, I´m not that huge fan of Valentine´s Day.
I love flowers, I love chocolate (or other sweet stuff), I love pink 😀 but I think there doesn´t have to be a day for these things. And there´s for sure no need for a day of LOVE!
Say “I love you” every day, hug every day, surprise your beloved ones with flowers or chocolate or whatever as often as possible. Don´t just do that on Valentine´s Day.

And for those who are not in a relationship: I´m talking to you too! It´s not just about love in a serious relationship. It´s about loving your friends, your family and YOURSELF!!!!
I know many people who hate Valentine´s Day – most of them are single. Well, I understand that. It can be hard to see all this cheesy love-stuff everywhere, because I was single once, and I know this feeling. But like I said: It shouldn´t be just about that.
If you´re alone on Valentine´s Day being sad about it, change it! Grap your coat and go visit someone who might be alone too. Grap your phone and talk to your mother, your father, your siblings, your best friend! Make some kick-ass food, listen to good music, read a good book!

Do whatever makes you feel better!

And for those, who are in a serious relationship, looking forward for Valentine´s Day: Make each other smile, say lovely things about each other, cook/bake something the other one loves. Don´t go for the way too expensive food industry which contains too many unhealthy ingredients.

Whatever you´re doing on this “Day of Love” and whoever you´re with, make sure to be happy and love yourself first!


And now to my little pancake experiment – it´s another very simple recipe with a little beauty boost.
Yes, I´m talking about Acai. And the nice raspberry-vanilla note makes it to a super delicious recipe.
It will take you round about 15 minutes to prepare them (depends on how big your pan is 😛 ) and in case you share these beauties with someone, he or she will defenitely come back for them ❤

Ingredients for about 8 Pancakes:

75 g Spelt Flour
1 tsp Baking Powder
1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract
1 P. Vanilla Sugar
a pinch of Salt
a small hand full of frozen Raspberries
150 ml Plant Milk
1 big tsp Acai powder, e.g. from Berioo
Oil for the pan
Raspberries, Blueberries & Blossums as toppings


Heat up the raspberries in a small pott. Add 1 tbsp of water and let it simmer until you have a sauce.
Pre-heat some oil a pan on full heat. Meanwhile mix all the ingredients as well as the raspberry sauce and another tbsp of water until everything is well-combined – no clusters!
Now reduce the heat of your pan to half and start baking small pancakes. I used a little heart-shaped silicone mold for these pancakes. I´m sure they will taste the same if you don´t have such a form 😛
Top it with some berries or just what you want and enjoy it with your beloved ones!





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