Green Detox Monster


Make sure to get your daily greens!

I created this green beauty during my Detox Project, which included 3 days of smoothie detoxing. Take a look here, if you like to read my detox diary.
The combination of fruit, spinach and the natural flavors like vanilla, cardamom, figs and ginger is just so good!
And in case you want an extra kick with this one, also add some matcha and/or hemp protein powder – but these ones are optional additions (there is a Superfoods A-Z on my blog, in case you want to learn more about matcha, hemp protein or many more awesome superfoods)

Adding water to this smoothies gives you the choice between having a nice juicy drink, which you have the perfect start of day with, or you can decide to have a creamy texture, grab a spoon and enjoy it with some topping of your choice.
Eather way: super yummy and nourishing.

I love to take this one to work, because it´s the perfect ‘snack’ in between. I have 3,5- or 5,5-hour days at work, that´s why I don´t have a lunch break or something like that. Of course I´m allowed to eat something, but beeing busy at work AND having time to sit in the office kitchen eating something, is pretty rare. It´s not big of a deal, because I eat something before I leave home and then I often have an apple or a banana with me, in case I feel hungry during working hours. But definetely the best option for me is to have a nice smoothie like this in my smoothie bottle and drink a sip every now and then. It keeps your belly satisfied and it has all the great healthy options inside.


Ingredients for 1 Smoothie:

2 Tangerines
1 Banana
1 Pear
2 hands full of fresh Spinach
2-4 dried Figs
1 tbsp Vanilla Extract
1/2 tsp Cardamom
1 piece of Ginger
1/2 tsp Matcha (optional), e.g. from Berioo
1/2 tsp Hemp Protein Powder (optional), e.g. from Berioo


Squeeze the tangerines and add the juice to your food processor. Add banana, pear, spinach and figs (the amount depends on how sweet you like it). Give it a good mix and add the other ingredients to the smoothie. When you have a well-combined texture, you should add some water. Just so much until you have your favourite texture. If you want a very juicy smoothie, give some more water. In case you want something thick to eat with a spoon, add less 😉




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