Stuffed Sweet Potato

My first vegan Christmas in 2016 – eeehmmm, what am I going to eat when my family eats some kind of meat with the typical side dishes like potatoes, red cabbage, brussels sprouts and stuff like that?! Yes, I could just go for the side dishes because I love them as well, but it´s Christmas I really wanted something special, something super delicous.

So I tested some recipes over the past few days and finally found something I wanted to go for 🙂
Stuffed Sweet Potato !!!!!
I figured out before, that sweet potatoes are like heaven and you can do so many things with it, but stuffed sweet potatoes is my favourite dish so far (as much as I love fries, but that´s more a fast food / street food for me).

I also made this years dessert for Christmas which was the delicious vegan frozen salted hot chocolate from Dee @greensmoothiegourmet and everybody loved it. Who knows, there may be one vegan christmas days in the future ❤

Back to this beauty: I promise you, this recipe is really not too complicated. You just need to calculate about 30-45 minutes (depends on how big the potato is) for baking and that´s it. The filling and the (optional) dip can be prepared in the meantime and as soon as the potato is done, you can fill it immediately and enjoy it for lunch or dinner.

Aaaaaand as you guys know, I like to keep it easy and variable, so you can stuff your potato with actually anything you want… Here is what I used

Ingredients for 1 Potato:

1 Sweet Potato (small-medium sized)
~ 5 Spring Onions
1/2 small Onion
1 clove of Garlic
1/2 Capsicum
1/3 Zucchini
1/2 Avocado
2-3 tbsp dry Soy chops
2 tbsp Balsamico Blanco
1 tbsp Tomato Paste
3 tbsp Soy Yoghurt
Olive Oil, Salt, Pepper, Basil, ‘Kräuterquarkgewürz’ from Just Spices (optional)


Preheat your oven up to 180 degrees (C). Wash the potatoe, cover it with olive oil and the spices of your choice (I used ‘Kräuterquarkgewürz’ from Just Spices) and put it on a baking sheet in the oven for aber 30-45 minutes – once your timer is ringing you slightly cut the potato, so you will know by then if you have a bake it longer or not.
In the meantime wash your veggies and start cutting. Slice the spring onions, dice the onion, garlic, capsicum, zucchini and avocado and heat up some olive oil in a pan. Add the veggies except the avocado and roast them gently. Boil the soy chops in water for a couple of minutes, pour the water off and add the cooked chops to your veggies. Now add balsamico blanco, tomato paste and some spices and let it simmer so another minute. Shortly before filling the potato, add the avocado.
For the the herbal dip just mix soy yoghurt with salt, pepper and your favourite herbs like basil and/or chive.
Once your potatoe is done baking, cut it in almost in half – you don´t want to have two pieces of potato, just a gap for the filling. Fill it with your veggies and top it with some dip.







I´m happy to read your comment :)

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