Pumpkin Rolls


It was the first time I made these rolls – spring, summer, fall, winter, whatever – and I´m sure to try out different kinds in the future, because they are so easy to make and you can fill them with anything you like (and they look super pretty 😅)

I first saw them as spring rolls with lettuce and fresh sliced vegetables but there are several versions and several names. See Ela´s creations of beautiful summer rolls for example on IG: @elavegan

So I was thinking about rice rolls with a fall-themed filling. And what fits better than pumpkin, huh?!

As Hokkaido Pumpkin has a pretty sweet taste similar to sweet potatoes or carrots, I combined the pumpkin rice with fruits like persimmon, tangerine and pomegranate seeds.

And it´s really not complicated to make them. You just need to place the papers into water for a couple of minutes and then start to fill them with whatever you want.
It reminds me to sushi. You fill it with rice and your favourite veggies and make these rolls. There are some people saying it´s very time-consuming and complicated to make sushi and I just don´t understand that. Buy some veggies, sushi rice and seaweed sheets and everything is pretty fast prepared. The time-consuming thing about it is to boil the rice and slice the veggies 😀
Same for rice rolls and the ‘rolling’ is actually even easier and faster done.

Next version will be a fresh and veggie-based version I think.

What´s your favourite filling?



Ingredients for 8-10 Rolls:

8-10 Rice Papers
200 g Whole Grain Rice
200 ml Vegetable Stock
1/2 (big) Hokkaido Pumpkin
1 tsp Ginger Powder, e.g. from Hartkorn
1 tsp Maca, e.g. from Berioo
Olive Oil
Salt, Pepper
1 Tangerine
1 Persimmon
~ 6 tbsp Pomegranate Seeds


Boil the rice until it´s creamy and well-done. In the meantime, Slice your pumpkin in dices and sear it in some olive oil for a couple of minutes. Add vegetable stock and let it simmer until you can puree the pumpkin with a hand blender. Add ginger powder, maca, Salt and Pepper and mix everything.
Peel the tangerine and the pomegranate. Wash and slice the persimmon and provide it for the filling.
Once the rice is ready and cooked, drain the water and mix it with your pumpkin puree.
Place one rice paper into cold water for about one minute and then put it on a plate to be filled. While you fill the rice papers with rice and fruit you can place the next paper in the water.





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