Pasta Alfredo with Spring Onions and Mushrooms



It was about time that I experiment more with vegan pasta recipes, right?!

I actually wanted to make a vegan bolognese but changed my mind last minute so this white sauce was the result.
I really like the Italian kitchen with its Antipasti, Pasta, Pizza and all these great desserts…!
And who says vegans can´t enjoy these dishes, huh?! Spaghetti Napoli is one of the pasta dishes that is vegan in a restaurant and if you ask to skip the cheese on a veggie pizza, you have a vegan one. I think if you´re going out eating in a restaurant it´s not that hard to find something that is vegan – no I don´t mean a simple salad because that is too boring.
Most of the dishes in the menu are maybe not vegan, but you can ask the waitress to skip the animal products and maybe even add some veggies for example. I bet there wouldn´t be someone who says ‘No, we can´t do that’.
It´s similar to something you simply don´t like or you are allergic to. How many people ask to skip onions or garlic in some dishes. So you are the one asking if it´s possible to skip cheese or eggs – so what?!

Recipes like this Alfredo sauce is a bit more complicated because it´s a cream-based sauce and the restaurant probably won´t offer a soy-alternative. But making these things in your kitchen is more fun anyway, right?!



Next time I feel like having pasta and try out new recipes, I think I´ll go for a bolognese. Or even better: You tell me what kind of pasta recipe you would like to see ❤️

Look forward to your comments and I really hope you like this recipe!

Ingredients for 2:

about 250 g Noodles of your choice
35 g Plant Margarine
35 g Flour
200 ml Soy Milk
120 ml Soy Cuisine
2 tbsp Yeast Flakes
Olive Oil
1 bundle of Spring Onions
150 g Mushrooms
Salt, Pepper, Basil, Thyme


Cook your noodles in salted water while you prepare the sauce. Wash and slice the spring onions and the mushrooms.
Melt the margarine in a pot and add the flour bit by bit. Make sure to keep stirring to avoid clusters. Once you have added the flour completely, add the milk bit by bit. Same here: Keep stirring. Let everthing simmer for a while to thicken. Then add the cuisine as well as the yeast flakes and taste it with salt, pepper, basil and thyme. You can add some extra water if you think the sauce is too thick.
While you let the sauce simmer at low heat, heat up a pan with olive oil and sear the spring onions and the mushrooms for a couple of minutes and add it to your sauce.




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