When I was a kid I never really loved sports – I didn´t hate it though… I´ve never been part of a sports team or attended other sporty activities. My parents signed me in for an athletics class once but I thought I wasn´t good enough so I didn´t wanna go after like 4 weeks or something…
But I was always a kid who loved being outside playing with friends. And with them I did some sporty activities. We played hide and seek, football and later even baseball – that was fun when there wasn´t someone who told you if your good enough or not.
When I grew older – like with the age of 15 – I signed in for a gym for the very first time. I got my personal workout plan and I went there with a friend. I lost some weight and grew stronger but it never really caught me. I liked the extra classes like Yoga, Bodyfit or bums-tums-legs which were offered additionally in the gym.
I did these kinds of activites for a couple of years but when I moved away for university I never signed in for a gym again, because I thought it was too expensive for a student and I didn´t feel like keep going to the gym and do these boring equipment training.
I clearly needed something else, because I wanted to do SOMETHING… To save money I started home training with different kinds of YouTube Videos like the workout routines by ‘Fitness Blender’ or ‘Yoga with Adriene’ which I´m still recommending if you are looking for something you can do at home without any equipment and without spending money.

When my boyfriend started Freeletics 2 years ago, I was impressed how fast he improved his performance, his endurance and strength and how his body changed. At the beginning I thought this isn´t the right thing for me. I couldn´t do like 100 burpees or even one pushup xD
I don´t really know what changed my mind but I just signed in one day and made these work outs 3-4 times a week. I grew stronger and faster and it was actually fun. Yes, it is challenging sometimes but that makes it exciting and not boring at all. I improved my endurance and my strength and I built muscles. This was in April 2016 and it´s still a part of my workout routine.


In case you have no idea what Freeletics is really about, I just give you a little glimpse: Freeletics is a HIT (High Intense Training) program where you don´t need any equipment except maybe a yoga mat. You need the Freeletics App and you have to sign in with an email address and a password. At this point you don´t have to pay anything. There are some of the workouts for free and you can follow anyone you like to. In case you want a personal plan with ALL the features, including strength and endurance workouts as well as a running and a gym coach, you can choose from different time periods. The longer you chose the cheaper it gets…
When you decide to buy the coach, the App needs some personal information to have a first impression of your fitness level. Then you have to do some exercises and based on your time and your feedback, the coach starts with 2-5 days (you can decide how often you want to exercise week by week). You need to give a feedback after every single workout and you will get points for every one so your level raises.
Workouts can include burpees, pushups, situps, squats, climbers, jumping jacks, jumps, lunges, standups, leg levers and soooo many more! And there is always an Endurance, a Standard and a Strength version.


I admit, I never thought I would hold on to this but I keep growing with Freeletics and I´m proud that I found something that helped me with finding myself and finding a better and stronger me.

The message I´m trying to tell is that you just have to find something that fits in your daily life and that makes you happy. If you love running, go running. If you love Yoga, do that. I know that it´s hard to find something to hold on too. It´s exciting at the very beginning and then you get bored and you lose motivation. But when you try out different things, I´m sure you find what´s best for you.

Oh and by the way: I wrote this because I wanted to and because I thought it might help some of you not because it´s sponsored or something like that. I paid for Freeletics like everyone else…



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