Coconut Cheesecake


Sunday is the perfect day for relaxing, eating pancakes and making cake 🙂

That´s what I thought last sunday and it´s what I probably think on every single sunday!
Sometimes I fell like it, sometimes I have time for it and well sometimes not…

But this last sunday (which was yesterday) was the day I wanted to to make a cake and as my boyfriend is a little cheesecake junkie, I made one for him – it´s a no bake coconut cheesecake and I love it!

I actually planned to take it to the Halloween party but then I thought something more theme-ish would be better. I made some witch-fingers for the party and I really liked them but they didn´t really look like fingers because the dough kinda exploded 😀 😀 😀

It´s a basic recipe so I´ll share it some other time with you!
Back to this beauty – it is really easy to make, you don´t need that many and fancy ingredients and you get a healthy vegan version of the all-time favourite cake.




The base is a nice almond-date-coconut crust topped with a creamy cashew-coconut topping. There is no need of baking and it won´t take so long to prepare. Just make sure to let the cashews soak in water for a couple of hours (ideally over night) so you get this nice and smooth cream it is supposed to have.

There is also no worry in drying-out in case you don´t eat it on the same day. Just put it in the fridge, cover it and enjoy it whenever you feel like it – even if it´s a couple of days later 😉


So here´s how it goes:

Ingredients for 1 Cake (17 Ø):

80 g Dates
100 g Almonds
130 g Coconut Flakes
160-170 ml Coconut Water
150 g Cashews
2 tbsp Coconut Sugar, e.g. from Berioo
85 g Coconut Oil
Coconut Sugar and Blossoms as toppings.


Let your cashews soak in water for a couple of hours – ideally over night to get a smooth cream.
Add the dates, the almonds, 30 g coconut flakes and 10-20 ml coconut water to your food processor and blend everything until it´s a sticky but still crumbly ‘dough’.
Grease your baking form with some coconut oil and press the ‘dough’ in it – you cane use your fingers or a tablespoon. While you prepare the cashew-topping, place the crust in the fridge.
For the filling add the soaked cashews. 100 g coconut flakes, coconut sugar, 150 ml coconut water and the coconut oil (melted) in your food processor and blend everything for a few minutes until everything is well-combined. Now you have a nice and smooth chessecake filling which you can add on top of the crust. Place it in the fridge until you serve it.




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