Berry Ice-Latte


Looking for something refreshening? For something light and fruity? For something that can replace your coffee in the morning when you don´t feel like drinking something warm? And what about a nice kick start?
Then I might have an option for you 😉

I made this Ice-Latte on a pretty hot summer day and I enjoyed it on my balcony in the sun.
It was the perfect start of the day and it gave me such an energy boost.

An extra kick gives Acai. Read more about its upr power here.


Ingredients for 1 Jar:

a hand full of frozen Raspberries
a hand full of frozen Blueberries
1 tbsp Acai Powder, e.g. from Berioo
4 Dates
1 Banana
~ 120 ml Almond Milk


Blend the berries, the acai powder, the dates and the bananas with a high speed food processor and add 60-80 ml almond milk. Fill the smoothie in a jar and fill it up with almond milk.




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