After Eight Semolina Pudding


My grandma used to make me ‘Pomps Kindergrieß’ – a German semolina blend for children – when I was a kid (and teenager :D). I loved it and every time I visited her, I ask her to make me a bowl of it. She served it with dextrose and added multivitamin juice or fruits to it and I was like the happiest child in the world having this bowl right in front of me 😉

And ever since I make myself some kind of semolina pudding I send her a photo of it (yes my 75 year old grams has a smartphone :D) adding the words “without clusters”, because she always told me to stirr very well while adding the semolina powder bit by bit to the boiled milk to avoid clusters…

Even though she made me the natural one without any fancy stuff, I love to experiment with these kind of recipes. And as I´m such a Chocolate-Mint addict, I tried that out for my beloved semolina pudding. nd it worked pretty well – I love it!!!


So here´s how it goes and in case your reading this grandma: You would love this as you like After Eight as much as I do and there are seriously no clusters in it ❤

Ingredients for 1 Bowl:

350 ml Almond Milk
35 g Semolina
1 tbsp Cocoa Powder
~ 4 Mint Leaves
1 tbsp Agave
1 tsp ‘Kaffeekuss’ from Just Spices (optional)
Banana Slices, Mint Leaves, Chia Seeds, Quinoa Pops and Soy Yoghurt as toppings


Simply heat up the almond milk and add the semolina little by little. Also add cocoa powder and let everything simmer. In the meantime chop the mint leaves and add them as well as agave to the pudding. In case you want some extra flavor, also add some sweet spices like ‘Kaffeekuss’ from Just Spices. Enjoy 🙂




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