Tropical Oatmeal



An oatmeal a day keeps the docotor away 🙂

I just love this phrase, because you can replace what keeps the doctor away with EVERYTHING 😀
A wine a day keeps the doctor away – even that fits!

My favourite breakfast in a tropical way. It tastes like summer and makes your belly shine 🙂
So either you enjoy it on a nice summer day (you might want to let it cool down then) or it´s a rainy, snowy, windy or just very cold day and you want the summer back. Well at least you have the summer in your breakfast bowl if your enjoying this.

I always do this in Spring when the first sun rays warm your face I´m like “OMG thats summer, let´s go to the beach” 😀 😀 Like I haven´t seen or feel the sun for 10 years, I want it all – 25 degrees, beach, bbqs, bonfire on lovely summer nights…. And then I realize “Yeeaaaahhh, no it´s still pretty cold outside, let´s just have a summerly breakfast 😉


Ingredients for 1 Bowl:

50 g Oats
125 ml Coconut Milk, e.g. from Alpro
1 tsp Maca, e.g. from Berioo
1 tbsp Coconut Flakes
1/2 Mango
1 Passion Fruit
optional sweetener
Gojis, Coconut Flakes, Blueberries and dried Physalis as toppings


Heat up the coconut milk and add the oats while stirring everything. Puree the mango with a food processor and add it to the pot. While stirring and simmering add maca, coconut flakes and the passion fruit.
In case you need some sweetener, feel free to add some agave or liquid stevia to your oatmeal as well.





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