Chia Pudding with Berry Topping


Delicious, over the top healthy and very filling – yep I´m talking about Chia Seeds.
When I started my little Instagram journey in the early 2016 Chia Pudding was one of the things I have never heard of before but I saw beautiful pictures everywhere.

Everyone who tried it said it´s so delicious and does so many good things to your body. You can find some facts about Chia Seeds in my Superfoods A-Z in case your interested in chias power.

And everything I have heard I can 100% agree with. You need to find your favourite way of preparation but once you have found it, it´s so good!
I haven´t found MY recipe at first try, but I proudly present that I have found it now and here it is 🙂

Ingredients for 1 Jar:

4 tbsp Chia Seeds, e.g. from Berioo
16 tbsp Soy Milk
2-3 tbsp Natural Soy Yoghurt
1 Apple
a small hand full of Raspberries
a small hand full of Blackberries
optional sweetness


Make sure to soak the chia seeds in soy milk for at leat 30-60 minutes – ideally over night.
Once it´s soaked, mix it with soy yoghurt. If you want to add some sweetener, feel free to add some liquid stevia.
For the berry topping heat up the raspberries and blackberries, let it simmer for a while and add some water until you have your favourite texture. Same here: feel free to add some sweetener like Agave or liquid stevia if you like to.
Dice up an apple and place 1/3 of it in a jar or a bowl. Top it with the Chia Pudding, followed by the rest of the apple and the berry sauce.





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