Nutty Protein French Toast

You might know that I love all these recipes where you have a basis and then you can exchange some parts or add other ingredients for another version.
Thats what I´m doing with pancakes, oatmeals, puddings and even some smoothies.

And now I´m doing it with French Toast 🙂

You need flour, milk and some sweetener for the vegan version and of course a pan and some oil to roast them.
So I thought about a theme and decided to go for one with loads of protein. Nuts for an extra good taste and the crunch effect et voila – one of my favourite versions of french toast!

If your craving for something to chew instead of the usual smoothie after a workout, this is pretty effective as it´s not to complicated to make. Your body gets the carbs and the protein it needs after a workout and you get something very delicious 😀


Ingredients for 3 Slices:

3 slices of whole grain Toast
60 ml Hazelnut Milk
Hand full of Sunflower Seeds
15 Almonds
1 tsp Hemp Protein, e.g. from Berioo
2 tsp Coconut Sugar
Almonds and peanut butter as toppings (optional)


Ground the sunflower seeds and the almonds in a coffee mill to replace the flour – in cake you don´t have one just chop them with a knive as fine as possible.
Now mix all the ingredients and dunk the toast slices with both sides in it. Then roast them in a pan until crunchy and enjoy them with some chopped almonds and peanut butter.




I´m happy to read your comment :)

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