Green Veggie Smoothie


To be honest: this was a recipe by mistake 😀 or more by accident…

I had to go to work and just had breakfast. Usually I prepare myself something to take with me the day before. Either I forgot or there wasn´t anything in the fridge lunch-looking 😉

So I just blended pretty much everything I found and it came out delicious! Lucky me I wrote all the ingredients down 😀

Ingredients for 1 Bowl:

1 Banana
1 Apple
1 Kiwi
3 Roses Broccoli
3 Coins of frozen Spinach
2 tbsp Hemp Protein, e.g. from Berioo
1/2 tbsp Maca, e.g. from Berioo
Some Walnuts
150 ml Almond Milk
150 ml Water
Liquit Sweetener (e.g. Stevia)


Like with all smoothie recipes there is no need in a real instruction 😉
Just put everything in a high speed blender and mix it until it´s smooth.





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