To believe is to start!

Here comes my very first blog post for the category fitness and I´d like to start with a little motivation here.
I want to show you that every beginning can be taugh but if you really want to change something, if you want to start doing more physical activities or if you want to become stronger and get more endurance – YOU CAN!
And this is not just about fitness or a better nutrition. If you want to try out new things, if you want to reach your goals – Go for it a do it! And please don´t be afraid of failure, because that will stop you from doing things you actually want to do. In case you fail, don´t be too hard to yourself. Failure is not a shame, it is something that makes you stronger and you can learn from them for the future.


If you want to change your eating and/or fitness habits you need to ask yourself what you want to achieve!
It helped me a lot to write down my goals and make little notes from time to time to see what I´ve already achieved (best motivation) or to see if I lost track too much – there are several good Apps or you just do it old school with paper and pen 😉

Work out like you feel it’s best for you! Every human is different and has different preferences and every body reacts different to the variations of exercises…
Whenever you work out, make sure to try your best and perform the exercises properly, even though it takes longer. Also make sure to warm up and strech for a cool down. This makes your muscles grow faster and your organs will be cleaned.


I work out 3-4 times a week and try to combine cardio and strength. When you have read “About” you know that I´m doing Freeletics as well as running and Yoga and for me it works perfectly.
I think it’s important to have variations in your workouts, not doing the same exercises in every single training day. Thats why I’m going running as well to improve my endurance.

Excercise when you feeling good. Even if its just a quick one and you are not as satisfied as you wanted to be, don´t be like “I´m so not good at this” or “I was faster last time”! Be more like “Hell yeah, I finished” or “I´m totally gonna beat that next time”!
Or if your absolutely exhausted after 1/2 of your workout, don’t give up! It’s better to take it a bit slower than quitting. You couldn’t be more proud of yourself when you have finished!


Any exercise is better than no exercise, so don´t be too hard to yourself. Don´t pressure yourself, whatever you want to change, it won´t happen from one day to another. It´s the way of thinking you have to change sometimes.
I always sticked to the number on a scale which was definitely not the right thing for me, because I was on that thing twice a day and it was kinda depressing when I didn´t see what I wanted to see. But it´s just a number… Of course it´s higher in the evening than in the morning and yes sometimes your body reacts strange and you can´t explain things.
For example when I met my girls and we had a HUUUGE brunch with all kinds of food and prosecco and oh yeah more food 🍉🍩🍾 I knew my scale will explode (in my eyes) and instead it showed 0,5 kg less the next day and I was like WTF?!?!?! And then there was this day I exercised a lot and was very busy so I didn´t eat much (yes, I know there should be time for food anytime) and the number on this stupid scaled was higher.

Long story short: Exercise from time to time, try to combine strength, cardio and streching routines, find your way to eat healthy and balanced, listen to your body and don´t drive yourself crazy because of a number on a scale. You need to feel comfortable in your body and you need to be happy and I do know that this is not as simple as it sounds and I´m still on my way too, but to believe is to start!


I´m happy to read your comment :)

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