Blackforest in the Jar


I´ve never been a big fan of the famous blackforest cake – not even when I wasn´t vegan. When you eat one piece you actually feel like you have eaten the whole cake… There is chocolate, soooo much cream, cherries and well more cream and chocolate :O

What I really ike to do is creating healthier and vegan versions of the well-known dishes or to reinterpret them like I did with this Blackforest Dessert Jar 🙂


Ingredients for 1 Jar:

For the dough
40g Flour (I always use whole grain flour)
10g Cocoa Powder
1 tbsp Agave
3 tbsp Soy Yoghurt
2 tbso Soy Milk
1 tbsp Baking Powder

For the ‘cream’
2 tbsp Soy Yoghurt
5 Cherries
1 tbsp Almond Slices
1 tbsp Crocant


Just mix all the ingredients for the dough together and place it in a jar of your choice.
“Bake” it for about 3 minutes in the microwave and let it cool down a little while preparing the cream.
Blend everthing in a food processor and place it on top of your dough.
I decorated the whole jar with cherries, almonds ands crocant 🙂


I´m happy to read your comment :)

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