Hello Sunshine Smoothie

This Smoothie really tastes like summer! And it´s easy and quick as usual 😉
It contains besides other the summer fruits banana, mango & passion fruit.

The first time I saw a passion fruit was in Australia, where I spent 5 month travelling an working on the east coast. I was in this small town called Bundaberg which is famous for its working hostels. So there are many backpackers looking for work and so was I…
My very first job was on an onion farm and I had to pick them straight from the field 10 hours a day without any protection from the sun (well, except sun cream of course). I quit after 2 days 😀
After that I had a job in a tomatoe factory which was comparatively good so I stayed for 2 month and met a lot of great friends during that time. So all the backpackers had different kind of fruit picking jobs and from time to time we were allowed to take some of the fruits ‘home’ and of course we shared everything with each other. There were sweet potatoe pickers, totatoe & onion pickers and then there were the passion fruit pickers… How awesome is that?! Long story short: Thats the time where I saw and ate my first passion fruit and loved it ever since!
Thats why I love using them for smoothies or cakes 😉


Ingredients for 1 Smoothie:

1/2 Mango
2 Passion Fruits
1 Banana
4 tbsp Oats
2 tbsp Soy Yoghurt
200 ml Water
optional engery boost: 1/2 tsp Maca, e.g. from Berioo
1/2 sliced Pear, Chia Seeds, Sunflower Seeds & Almonds as toppings


As Usual: just blend everything in a high speed blender until you have a well combined smoothie and fill it in your favorite jar to enjoy. Instead of 2 Passion Fruits and 200 ml water you can also use 200 ml Passion Fruit Juice 😉





I´m happy to read your comment :)

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